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Rogues Bang 2014 - Apex

First time doing the Rogues Bang, and despite a few set-backs (first author dropped, picked up tons of hours at both jobs, power outages, and my laptop going ghost) it was crazy fun!

Water was great to work with on her story, Apex. Alternate-reality renaissance Rogues all being called together by destiny, or fate, or, well, you'll see...


Here are five scenes where we meet our intrepid heroes(?)!






Because of aforementioned issues, right now I only have the lineart available to post, but as it's due right now and I have way over the minimum, this will do for now. Stay tuned for more art, as I get it available!
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Carry That Weight - GBB Art Post

Hey everyone!

This month, I have art for the Gabriel Big Bang!

(Links Pending)

Title: Carry That Weight
Pairing: Sam/Gabe, side Dean/Cas
Author: scarlet_gryphon
Artists: sharys_aogail and ziarenete13x

This fic is a Steampunk Sentinel AU, which made me very excited! Old-style clothes, plus animals = a happy Renete!

The first is a scene from the middle of the fic. Gabe - trying to make it work between him and Sam - finds himself guided to a candy shop for a special type of candy that Sam uses to trick himself out of fugues. The shop owner is happy to help, because Sam's such a nice guy. Unfortunately, Gabe's spent weeks with the guy and hasn't seen this mythical "Great Sam Winchester" once.

(This is probably the least enthused any Gabriel will ever be in a candy shop. Blame the moody moose.)

The next is much later after Gabe and Sam work out their relationship a bit. Here they are with their spirit animals, Alina and Rincalian:

There's a bit more art from me with the fic itself in the form of title cards. They're little vignette drawings of objects from a courting ritual (plus some), but here's a little taste of Rin and Alina in carved form:

I have another couple of drawings that I did for this, but I need to locate a clean copy of ImageReady for them to actually work. (Download faster, darn you!) So hey, stay posted and there might be more from this verse in the future!

Link to the fic is pending!

This year we had so many artists that we all doubled up on the fics, so be sure to check out the art that sharys_aogail has done as well! (link pending)
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Sabriel MiniBang 2013 #2 - Holding You We Make Two Spoons

Art for the second Sabriel mini story I was working on: glass_jar's "Holding You We Make Two Spoons"!
Please read it, it is adorable and sassy and everything nice about this pairing!

Anyway, to the art!

First, an invitation/title card.

And then some "quality family time" a.k.a. teasing Sam with girly things.


(Itty-Bitty is just about the sassiest dog I've ever drawn. Not that I've drawn many dogs.)
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Sabriel MiniBang 2013 #1 - Chippewa Lake Park

Finally home so commence the Sabriel!

This year I got to work with hey_mister_dj again, which is great because I always enjoy Liv's fics. We've got Friends (ish) With Benefits (lots) and Casefic in a famous abandoned amusement park.

Please check out the art under the cut!

Collapse )
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Hrghm. Grandmother isn’t feeling very well. She had a minor operation a couple of weeks ago and now she’s had a fever for a few days. She called the doctor and they prescribed her something, but she can’t pick it up until tomorrow morning. (Quote the doctor, “There aren’t any 24 hour pharmacies by you?” Uh. No. No, there are not. There’s not even hospitals for about twelve miles.)

But if her fever keeps getting higher, I might have to take her to the emergency room anyway.

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Heads Up

Just got back from a con and am on wind-down with friends visiting. Will be answering messages and such on Wednesday or so!
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My life these past few days:

Wednesday: Job#1, 6hr shift + 2 hours overtime

Thursday: Job#1, 8hr shift + 40minutes over

Friday: Furiously beta my own fanfic, cry because my writing's crap, only half edited, Job#2 for 5hours

Saturday: Help Grandmother at the bank, immediately after go to Job#2 for 9hours (4 tacked onto a 5)

Sunday: Job#1, 8hr shift+ about 20min overtime, Pass out

Monday: Job#1, 8hr shift+ about 3hr overtime, starting midshift, yay

Today: Job#1, 5hr shift, FRIKKEN TELEPORT OMG I'M NOT SURE HOW I DIDN'T GET PULLED OVER to Job#2 for 7hrs

This doesn't include driving time (about 1hr to Job#1, and 20min to Job#2 from my house, unless I fly like I did today, goddamn), and I definitely don't get actual overtime pay.

On top of that, my back has been itching since, like 7 am and I haven't been able to scratch it because I was wearing a white shirt, and if I scratch anywhere I WILL draw blood.

I just need to get through tomorrow (Job#1, 8hr shift starting at 6, so I have to be out by 5am, and they can suck my entire dildo collection if they think I'm staying over AGAIN) and then I have three days off. I think I'm gonna sleep all of Thursday, just fyi.

I'm gonna go pass out now.
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(no subject)

Alright. I've got another 12 hour day (with driving) of work to look forward to. When I get home around 6:30, I will post my 1Upon fic.
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Am gone go pas out now.

Thankfuly job no.# has net accesss no matter how limited, oor else I wouldn't know about Boston, or be able to contact the ipeople at 1upon.

UI'll have fic for yu tmorros I promis..

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