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Carry That Weight - GBB Art Post

Hey everyone!

This month, I have art for the Gabriel Big Bang!

(Links Pending)

Title: Carry That Weight
Pairing: Sam/Gabe, side Dean/Cas
Author: scarlet_gryphon
Artists: sharys_aogail and ziarenete13x

This fic is a Steampunk Sentinel AU, which made me very excited! Old-style clothes, plus animals = a happy Renete!

The first is a scene from the middle of the fic. Gabe - trying to make it work between him and Sam - finds himself guided to a candy shop for a special type of candy that Sam uses to trick himself out of fugues. The shop owner is happy to help, because Sam's such a nice guy. Unfortunately, Gabe's spent weeks with the guy and hasn't seen this mythical "Great Sam Winchester" once.

(This is probably the least enthused any Gabriel will ever be in a candy shop. Blame the moody moose.)

The next is much later after Gabe and Sam work out their relationship a bit. Here they are with their spirit animals, Alina and Rincalian:

There's a bit more art from me with the fic itself in the form of title cards. They're little vignette drawings of objects from a courting ritual (plus some), but here's a little taste of Rin and Alina in carved form:

I have another couple of drawings that I did for this, but I need to locate a clean copy of ImageReady for them to actually work. (Download faster, darn you!) So hey, stay posted and there might be more from this verse in the future!

Link to the fic is pending!

This year we had so many artists that we all doubled up on the fics, so be sure to check out the art that sharys_aogail has done as well! (link pending)
Tags: art, gabriel, my art, sabriel, sam, sam/gabriel, supernatural, trickster, tv
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